EF0 tornado destroyed outbuildings, damaged roofs

An EF0 tornado was confirmed to have touched down in south Logan County late Friday night, Nov. 30.

According to a National Weather Service's Little Rock office webpage, an NWS Little Rock meteorologist surveyed damage in Logan County today.

The damage was the result of a weak tornado that formed along the leading edge of a bow echo that moved across western Arkansas on Friday night into early Saturday morning.

The first sign of tornado damage was just to the east of State Highway 109 about three miles north of Magazine. Along the path, trees were blown down, and roofing material from several homes was damaged. Several outbuildings were destroyed.

Included in the damage was a shop belonging to Joe Robert and Carrie Staton, which was demolished. The couple's roof also sustained damage.

The tornado lifted just southwest of Calico Mountain after crossing Reveille Valley Road, about four miles south of Paris, according to the NWS.

Touching down about 11:45 p.m. the tornado had an estimated peak wind of of 80 miles per hour, and lifted about 11:54. The Enhanced Fujita Scale classifies tornadoes into categories by peak wind. An EF0 has winds of 60 to 85 miles per hour, an EF1 has winds of 86 to 110 miles per hour.

This is the fourth confirmed tornado in the state of Arkansas for this event. This includes two in the NWS Tulsa service area in western Arkansas, and one in the NWS Shreveport service area in southwest Arkansas.