Some things changed with the fall version of Sell It Again. Some didn’t.

The main change of the was dropping the “on Highway 10” portion of the event name. This year the event, which was held for the ninth straight fall, along Highway 10, became a four highway event as highways 109, 22, and 23 were also dotted with yard sales.

The change came about, according to Booneville Development Corporation/South Logan County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Susan Bulger, through a conference both she and Paris Area Chamber of Commerce director Tonya Baumgartner recently attended.

The idea was to strengthen the event and since Paris is already part of the Big To Do on 22, which is held only once per year unlike Sell It Again, it made sense to make the fall event a joint effort.

The change was also designed to eliminate long stretches of Highway 10 on which there were no sales. The event was initially billed as 75, and later 103 miles of yard sales between Hackett and Ola, or Perryville.

Although the Booneville and Paris chambers led the idea, Bulger said, other towns were also participating, including Charleston on Highway 22 and Greenwood on Highway 10.

The same? Rain is almost as much of a staple of Sell It Again as those offering an amount lower than an asking price. The opening day saw so much rain only the area stands which are sheltered, like the Cumberland Presbyterian Church’s stand operated in the bays and beneath the canopy of the old A-1 on the western edge of the city were open.

Cooler temperatures didn’t deter many from setting up on Friday and Saturday.