If you are looking for a spook house but driving to one frightens you, you are in luck, there is one in Booneville.

David and his wife Tammy Scantling operate a spook house on College Street in Booneville, and it will be open this weekend, weather permitting and next Monday through Wednesday.

This is the second straight year the Scantlings have operated the spook house — though David Scantling is quick to point out it is his wife’s operation — and this year’s edition has grown tremendously, but is still family friendly.

“We don’t have anything bad,” David Scantling said. “It’s mainly just for the kids.”

David Scantling said he understands there isn’t another haunted house within at least 30 miles but still they aren’t looking to get rich on the venture.

“My wife enjoys doing it,” he said. “We’re definitely not doing it for the money. We won’t make enough back to even pay the electric bill on the building.”

Entry to the trail and house is $5 for adults and $3 for children.

Tammy Scantling really gets into it too. She spent about three months organizing the experience, which also removes shop use from David Scantling’s business.

Visitors to the spook house enter with Justin Scantling serving as a guide, past a fortune teller, travel through a grave yard and past various static displays which include a talking grim reaper on a motorcycle, witches and other Halloween staples.

Inside the shop area are more frightening displays, foggers, other family members act like they are trying to grab visitors but David Scantling cautions, “we don’t touch anyone.”

Outside the house is a photo opportunity booth and a projector playing a film for those who are waiting their turn to take the trip through the macabre.

Because the house is open only from 7 to 10 p.m., David Scantling said, there has been no objection from those in the neighborhood and those who have been spooked so far have reported enjoying the experience.

Though twice the size of the experience last year, David Scantling said he expects the adventure to continue to grow next year.

After Halloween all the material is stored away and the lot adjoining the property becomes a Christmas inflatable scene.