The county has started its work on the 2019 budget, but the big work hasn’t begun yet. That is the work generated by the County Treasurer Mickey Oats.

“Mickey might have trouble getting the revenue by the first week of November,” said County Judge Ray Gack. “They are supposed to be working on getting some figures to us as soon as possible. I hope we can get it done early.”

Meanwhile, the budget committee chairman has been chosen. The budget committee is composed of all 11 Justices of the Peace and the chairman is Jeannie Reynolds of Bonneville. They will make all the final decisions about the budget and take usually about two months to do it.

In the past, that has been the most accurate and there is no reason for it to be wrong this time.

Aside from waiting on state numbers from Mickey Oates, about one-third of county offices have provided budget numbers for 2019.

“I’ve got time, though,” Peggy Fitzjuralds said. “I asked for them by November. If I don’t get them in by the first of November, I’ll just say they didn’t get them in or I will tell the Quorum Court they didn’t get them in.”