Voters in the Nov. 6 General Election will be allowed to vote at any one of 10 voting centers, or super polls, scattered throughout the county, Logan County Clerk Peggy Fitzjurls announced laset week.

The 10 voting centers are located at St Benedict Hall (Subiaco Roundhouse), the Corley Community Center (131 Community Center Road), Scranton American Legion Hall (108 S. Park Avenue), New Blaine Rural Fire Department (11 State Hwy 197 Loop), First National Bank Community Building (23 East Main), Ratcliff City Hall (105 N. Wilson Ave), Magazine Community Center (36 N. State Hwy 109), Booneville Community Building (426 N. Holden), Grayson Fire Station (5409 Jack Creek Road), and Ione Community Building (10543 S State Highway 23).

Fitzjurls explained that the number of polling locations to be reduced from 19 to 10 was due to several factors, including that useveral polls were found to be out of compliance with the American Disabilities Act, and it was not possible to bring all polls in compliance.

“Also, the voting equipment is old and outdated and we did not have enough funding to replace the equipment,” said Fitzjurls. “Logan County along with other counties were told that the state would help replace the equipment, if we could reduce the number of polling sites, therefore greatly reducing the cost.

“Logan County received all new voting equipment for only $3,875.00. This is a savings to Logan County and its citizens of around $135,000, half the total cost of $270,000, which was paid by the state.

Election officials were trained on the use of the voting equipment last month.

Although the poll location count is down to 10, voters actually have more options upon where to cast their ballots as all super polls will be equipped to handle all precincts through the system with the ballot cast counted only in its respective precinct.

Fitzjurls also wants to remind voters who choose to vote early or by absentee, can still do so at both courthouses beginning Oct. 22, at 8:00 a.m.