Edgar Baker announced last week his plans to run for the office of Booneville Mayor.

“I am running for mayor because I love Booneville and I want to work with the citizens of Booneville to ensure our best days are still ahead of us,” Baker said in a prepared release. “I want my son and your children and grandchildren to have the same chance to grow up in a great of a home town as I did. I grew up knowing that Booneville was an exceptional place, a town with great pride, a town that stood out above others. It is our responsibility as citizens to make sure that Booneville stays that exceptional place our good home town.”

Baker has been a member of the Booneville Downtown Improvement Committee for the past three years.

“I have been pleased with the improvements we have made in the downtown area,” he said. “Downtown projects completed include Savage Theater restoration, Wilson Corner Park, and over 20 buildings being repainted in the downtown area. Together we have delivered major progress and have made downtown Booneville a place in which we can all be proud. I believe we can continue our progress by bringing improvements to our park system and neighborhoods.”

Baker said Booneville has many positives and there are great things are happening here, but he added there are also many challenges that must be faced and met with a positive “can do attitude. “

“We need to be doing more to clean up our neighborhoods. Property owners need to be held to a higher standard and become accountable for the upkeep of their property,” said Baker. “We need to be doing a better job maintaining and upgrading our park system. We have beautiful parks but they need more playground equipment and new restrooms.”

The candidate adds the city needs to be working with state agencies to recruit more jobs to Booneville and needs to be constantly reaching out to retail businesses and restaurant chains and do all we can do to bring new businesses to Booneville.

“Our town needs more sidewalks,” Baker said. “One of my first priorities as mayor will be to build a sidewalk east of town to the Walmart Supercenter. It is very dangerous for the people that walk to CV’s and Walmart. We need to be doing more to help the large number of citizens that are having to travel in that area daily.”“

“As mayor of Booneville, I will work closely with the Booneville Police Department and other law enforcement agencies to curtail the drug problem that threatens Booneville. Through education, drug recovery support and strong, active law enforcement we can wage a war on drugs that will reduce the availability of drugs on the streets of Booneville,” he said. “I will support an aggressive police department and our goal will be to keep the new county jail in Paris full of criminals.”

Additionally, Baker said the people of Booneville deserve a city government that is effective, efficient and accountable to its citizens.

“If I am elected, I promise to be a financially conservative mayor that is a good steward of the taxpayer dollars. We need to stretch every dollar and get the most out of every employee hours worked,” he said. “I look forward to visiting with the people of Booneville over the next few months, and ask anyone who has any questions to please contact me at 479-518-6082.

“I have been a citizen of Booneville since birth. I attended and graduated from Booneville Public Schools. I have been a funeral director at Roberts Funeral Home for the past 17 years. I am married to Erin Travis Baker, who is counselor at Booneville Elementary School. We have one son, Jude.”