Grant Goers will be walking the halls of Booneville High School as a student for the first time next Wednesday, but your typical new kid at school he is not.

Though he is certainly new in the sense that he hasn’t ever attended BHS, but he has long known his way around Booneville Elementary School while one, or both of his parents were employed with the school district. Those years include kindergarten, second, third, fifth and sixth grades.

Even though that was five years ago, Goers says he don’t feel like he is going to have trouble readjusting to Booneville’s Class of 2019.

“I’m excited,” he said. “This summer has been fun.”

During this summer before his senior year Goers has largely been a gym rat, hanging out with teammates, to work on his own, and or attending basketball camps.

The 6’ 3” Grant Goers spent five years in the Vilonia School District, playing basketball for his father, Tim, the last two years.

“That’s going to be different,” Grant Goers said of not having his father on the bench. “It’s pretty weird. The things that we run (in Booneville) are a lot different. I’ve been running my dad’s stuff.”

Grant Goers admits not having his father on the bench will remove some pressure from him.

But not all pressure, because while the younger Goers won’t be under his father on game days this winter — Tim Goers is now the elementary school physical education teacher — that doesn’t mean he won’t go home with someone he sees at school everyday either.

Grant Goers’ mother, Amy Goers, is the new high school principal at BHS.

“That’s better,” Grant Goers said, comparing the leadership roles his parents have played during his education.

Amy Goers was selected to replace Trent Goff when Goff moved into the superintendent’s position.

Grant Goers isn’t expecting to have much of a problem adjusting to the class load here. He was on schedule to graduate with honors in Vilonia and is far enough ahead he isn’t required to take an English class.