July 10


10 Years Ago

The Razorback softball team won the Tri-County 6-under division as well as the Greenbrier League and were the ASA district champions. Team members were Payton Freeling, Jayden Glover, Lilee Mahan, Jaylynn Van Pelt, McKenzie Shannon, Madie Spears, Kylee Griffin, Taylor Turner, Neely Jones and Seanna Reynolds.

Christian fiction author Terrye Robins came to Conway for a speaking and book signing events at Hastings Bookstore, 1360 Hwy. 64 W. Her two mystery novels were “Trouble in Paradise” and “Revenge in Paradise.”

Conway Corporation amended its budget so that fluoridation of city water could be resumed. Fluoridation had been discontinued since October.


 25 Years Ago

James Floyd of Perryville was named principal of Greenbrier High School. He had served as principal of Perryville High School since 1988.

The Rev. and Mrs. Andrew Balenton were installed into the pastorate of Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church in Plumerville.

The first Toad Suck Ferry Festival was held at Toad Suck Ferry Park to raise money for a variety of causes in Perry County, including local charities and individuals and youth baseball groups. There were arts and crafts, sports contests and performances by various musical groups from Faulkner and Perry counties.


50 Years Ago

Swimming at the Hendrix pool was one of the most enjoyable of summer activities for scores of Conway children.

Theodore Jones, election judge in Ward 3 at Conway Junior High, was pictured assisting Mr. and Mrs. Sid Adams as they prepared to vote in the special referendum election on low-rent housing.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Nutter and daughters Ginny and Julie, went to Hawaii to visit her mother, Mrs. James R. Henry.

James H. Clark, 36, and Jim Stone, 35, were named principals at Conway High School and Conway Junior High School respectively.


75 Years Ago

The Central Tractor & Implement Company, owned by former Gov. Carl E. Bailey, leased the J.J. Hiegel building at Oak and Court, moving from the Ethridge building on Van Ronkle. The firm handled all kinds of farm machinery.

Tollie F. Ford, former tax assessor of Faulkner County who for the past 18 months had been employed at the Jacksonville Ordnance Plant, purchased the general mercantile business of George T. Lieblong of Greenbrier.

A new contingent of Navy flyers arrived at Conway to begin flight training. The men do their ground work at ASTC and their flying at the Kenneth Starnes school.


100 Years Ago

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