A Booneville man has been formally charged in two incidents in which guns were fired during Memorial Day weekend.

In one case, Brian McCumber, 45, is accused of walking into a residence and cursing the home owner, then refusing to leave the home.

The resident told investigators she told her daughters to lock themselves in a bedroom but a 15-year old daughter eventually returned and insisted McCumber stop disrespecting her mother, at which point, the victim said, McCumber made a fist and said he was going to beat the child.

The woman intervened but was dragged by her hair, manging to escape when she punched McCumber in the groin, she said. She returned from a bedroom with a .380 hand gun and, she told police, fired a shot into the floor again insisting McCumber leave her home.

She told police McCumber cursed her again and said he didn’t believe the woman would shoot him and she did pull the trigger again only to have the gun misfire.

McCumber the left the resience, the woman told investigators, and she unjammed the gun and followed him to the porch. At his truck, she said, McCumber pulled out a gun of his own, pointed it at her and told her he would be back, with another cursing.

McCumber is charged with Class B felony residential burglary, and Class D felonies terroristic threatening, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm by certain persons.

In the second case, McCumber and another man were both shot while wrestling for a handgun.

The victim in that case told police McCumber entered his home on Walker Mountain Road and demanded money for an alleged drug debt.

According to the home owner, McCumber threatened to burn the residence and kill the victim’s family and proceeded to beat him. The home onwer told police he grabbed a gun to defend himself only to have McCumber wrestle him for the weapon.

An arrest warrant affidavit indicates both McCumber and the victim’s hands were on the gun when it fired, striking McCumber in the shoulder and the home owner in the elbow.

In that case McCumber is charged with Class Y felony aggravated robbery, Class B first degree battery and Class D terroristic threatening.