It’s not a fire but there is an issue with the dumpsters located at the city barn on Welsh Street.

Booneville Mayor Jerry Wilkins said last week the dumpsters are a courtesy service for city residents, but lately that service is being utilized by a wider range of individuals.

“It has gone from a problem to a nightmare,” said Wilkins. “It was a good gesture to try to help the citizens of Booneville and it is starting to be taken advantage of.”

Whether the discarded items are coming from within or without the city is often easy to prove as mail found in the trash shows it was delivered to addresses outside city limits.

In those cases those whose mail is discovered are being forwarded letters telling them the service is reserved exclusively for city residents.

Sanitation department employees said when they arrived to work last Monday the three dumpsters were all overfilled, with even more items on the ground around the dumpsters so two of the containers were emptied.

Once the morning trash route had been collected, all three were full again.

Use by non-residents is only part of the problem. City employees have discovered people rummaging through the trash bins at 3 a.m.

While doing so isn’t necessarily an issue, leaving the unwanted items extracted from the dumpster strewn around the area is.

Officials at City Hall have discussed soluntions ranging from building an enclosre for the dumpsters and leaving them unlocked only during working hours but that, Wilkins said, “defeats the whole idea,” to moving the dumpsters to a move visible location, to discontinuing the service entirely.