Hot Springs Village Property Association board of directors will meet at 9 a.m. Wednesday, June 20 in Ouachita Activities Building, Ponce de Leon Center.
Agenda items will include a monthly financial report from chief executive officer Lesley Nalley and a report from chief operating officer Linda Mayhood. Chairman Tom Weiss will present his monthly report.
In the past couple of years, board packets have not released to the public until at least the Monday preceding the monthly meeting. However, Weiss said at the May board meeting that discussion of an outdoor pool would be on the June agenda.
Board directors now give a report near the end of the meeting, rather than near the beginning. Weiss told directors in May that will allow them to make comments on the meeting as well as any other comments they have.
Also on last month’s new business agenda was a proposed revision to Chapter 1, Article 11 on the delinquent assessment/bad debt write-off policy. New business items are presented each month for discussion, and could be on a future board agenda.
During last month’s new business, public utilities director Jason Temple presented Jessieville School District’s initial request for the district’s alternative learning center to join the POA wastewater treatment system.
Board members indicated a willingness to learn more, and the district is developing a proposal for the center on Highway 7, along with the center’s joint owner, Fountain Lake School District.  The center also hosts Saline Boys and Girls Club’s Cedar Mountain Boys and Girls Club program.
Temple said the possible connection would only add about one-half of one percent to the system’s load, and could easily be handled. If the districts ultimately request a connection, it would be at a higher rate than commercial customers inside the Village pay. The Village’s wastewater treatment system operates around half its capacity.
One advantage to the possible connection would be that it would help maintain the purity of the Village’s watershed, he said.
Weiss told the POA’s government affairs committee at the GAC’s June meeting a proposal is being developed by the school districts, and could be on a board agenda at some future date.