Logan County voters went to the polls on Tuesday, May 22 for the non-partisan judicial election and the party primary election. Turnout was very low, according to County Clerk Peggy Fitzjurls.

Of the county’s slightly more than 12,000 registered voters, only 2,784 voted. That’s a turnout of 23 percent.

“That’s probably the lowest voter turnout I’ve seen,” Fitzjurls said. “Normally, our voter turnout is between 40 percent and 50 percent. Turnout was low across the entire state. I assume there was very little interest in the election.”

Far more votes were cast in the Republican primary than in the Democratic primary in this election, continuing a trend that goes back about 10 years. In the GOP primary, there were 2,117 votes cast, compared to 628 votes in the Democratic primary.

Local races could have had something to do with that. In the GOP primary, there were races for County Judge and County Sheriff. The only local race on the Democratic ballot was for County Clerk. County offices now have four-year terms after voters changed the Constitution two years ago.

Here are the results in local races decided in the election:

GOP primary

County Judge: Incumbent Ray Gack defeated challenger Randy Trusty. Gack got 1,668 votes or 79.66 percent compared to Trusty’s 426 or 20.34 percent. There is no Democrat candidate on the ballot, so Gack will be sworn in for a third term on Jan. 1.

“I’m excited to see what we can accomplish,”Gack said last week. “I want to thank the voters. They spoke and now I’ve got to live up to the level of confidence they showed in me.”

Logan County Sheriff: Deputy Sheriff Jason Massey easily defeated Jason Parons to win the office. There was no incumbent in the race after Sheriff Boyd Hicks declined to seek a third term. Massey got 1,644 votes or 78.81 percent compared to Parsons’ 442 votes or 21.19 percent.

“I’m relieved,” Massey said last week. “I campaigned very hard, so now I’m ready to spend some time with my family. I’m also ready to focus on what is ahead of us. My priorities will be sex offenders, drug abusers and to get the new jail ready.”

There is no Democrat on the ballot, so Massey will assume the office on Jan. 1.

Democratic primary

Logan County Clerk: Incumbent Logan County Clerk Peggy Fitzjurls defeated a challenge from Tracye Hughes. Fitzjurls got 438 votes or 69.86 percent of the vote. Hughes got 189 votes or 30.14 percent. There is no Republican on the ballot, so Fitzjurls will be sworn in on Jan. 1.

“I’m grateful to the voters,” Fitzjurl said last week. “I’m honored to be re-elected. I’ll continue to do the best job I can.”

Booneville School Board

Board president Janie Woolley was unopposed for another term on the board and Dustin Garrett was also unopposed. Garrett takes over the seat previoulsy held by Mike Farris.