Following its meeting last week, the Logan County Election Commission issued a statement in which it said two polling places on the south side of Logan County could be forced to close for the May 22 preferential primary.

Commissioner Gary Eveld said the Barber and Petit Jean districts are in jeopardy of having to close because there are almost no poll workers for the sites.

Four workers are required to open a polling location. One of the sites has one, the other has none as yet, Eveld said. Poll workers are paid minimum wage for a 12.5 hour day plus travel to the poll, he added.

A training session is also required, which will be held in Booneville on April 25 and in Paris on April 30.

“We ask that anyone interested who is interested (in a position) contact the county clerk at 963-2618,” said Eveld.

While there are hopes of poll workers coming from the precinct the primary goal is filling the spots so the only requirement is that the poll worker be a resident of Logan County, Eveld said.

In the event the poll worker positions cannot be filled, Eveld said voters in those precincts will be forced to vote elsewhere.

In Barber’s case that would be in Booneville, roughly 12 miles away from the current polling place. For the Petit Jean precinct voters would have to go to Magazine.

If enough workers are not found for the respective sites by May 7 they will be forced to close, Eveld said.