Marley Littleton of Magazine believes that every life is valuable and everyone is beautiful. The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith freshman recently shared this belief as a candidate in the Miss UAFS Scholarship Pageant, promoting her platform Sanctity over Science.

“My personal definition of ‘Sanctity over Science’ is how, even though technology and scientific processes have made it possible to ‘weed out’ the unwanted embryos, (those with disabled genes, for instance, growth disorders […] or any disability),” Littleton said, “[those embryos] are just as important to society like every other [embryo], and their life has a purpose and value.”

As the eldest of four children, Littleton learned from an early age that every decision she makes brings consequences that not only affect herself but others who look up to her. She was taught at home that being a role model was one of her responsibilities as the eldest sibling, and she wants to continue being a role model for young girls.

“My mother instilled in me that no dream is too big and no person is too small,” she explained, intending to live out this life lesson through her platform.

Additionally, Littleton would like to visit children’s hospitals and spend time with disabled children. She wants to personally let children know that they are important and valuable to society despite their differences.

“I strongly believe [in] eliminating the discrimination of beauty,” Littleton explained. To her everyone is beautiful and everyone should have an equal chance in the world.

“Miss America or any other scholarship pageant is not about always looking beautiful or having the title,” Littleton said. “It is about a woman’s inner beauty. These wonderful organizations are about leadership and empowering young women to be strong and independent, to follow their dreams and to change lives.”

Littleton wants to have the opportunity to be a role model and make a difference in the world, just as her parents have taught her to do, and she has shown that she does not need a crown to accomplish any of her goals.

“Miss America is not about the crown,” she said. “It is about having the chance to show love, compassion, and to make a difference in the lives of others.”