The Booneville City Council was presented plans last week to alter the trash collection routes by the city’s sanitation department.

The changes to the route are planned to make the routes similar in size.

As it is now, the Friday and Monday routes have so many collections, or picks as department employees call them, the truck has to be driven to the landfill in Ola and emptied before the route can be completed.

Every day of the week will be altered in the new plan which leaves employees with a collection range of 240 on Thursday to 266 on Monday.

The changes will involve moving everything east of Broadway to City Hall from Monday to Wednesday, leaving 266 collections where there were 386.

Residences in Eastwood, Hodges and Savage editions, as well as Ridgeview will be collected on Tuesday rather than Wednesday increasing the Tuesday run from 56 to 264.

By removing 208 residences from Wednesday and adding 120 the Wednesday route will consist of 260 stops.

The other change is removing the 120 stops east of Sharpe from the Friday route and placing it on the Thursday run, making for a 240 stop route and a 260 stop route, respectively. Previously there were 120 on Thursday and 380 on Friday.

The current routes have been in existence since the city assumed the collection service from former provider Jay’s Trash Service.

The change is scheduled to take place the week of May 7-11. All affected residences will be notified of their change via a letter left at their residence by a sanitation department employee.

In other matters last week the council condemned an uninhabited residence at 574 West Fifth Street. The property owner is believed to live in Jonesboro.

Bids were also opened for a possible contract for lawn care at city owned Oak Hill Cemetery. There were 12 bids submitted which ranged from a high of $55,000 to a low of $5,600. Otherwise the lowest bidder was $34,600.

Mayor Jerry Wilkins said when be issued an invitation to bid that the city reserved the right to reject any and all bids. No action was taken on the bids last week.