The movement known as a national walk out by students across country to protest gun violence was largely a non-issue in South Logan County last Wednesday.

At Magazine about seven students left their classroom at the designated 10 a.m. time and took up residence beneath a pavilion behind the main building, superintendent Brett Bunch said.

Bunch said, however, the students did so in support of the students killed in the recent school shooting in Florida rather than as a protest. He said about 20 other students wanted to talk about the incidents but did not leave their classes.

In less than 20 minutes the students were back in their seat, without repercussion, Bunch said.

“We certainly didn’t want to do anything to interfere with their First Amendment rights of free speech,” Bunch said.

Prior to the walk out time, the school district also conducted an active shooter drill on the campus.

“We had some things go right and found out some other things we need to work on,” Bunch said without being specific about the drill.

In Booneville, a fire drill had all students outside.

Interim superintendent Scotty Pierce said the move was not specifically to derail any protests and that any students who wished to remain outside after the drill ended were permitted to do so.

“We were not going to put them in detention and count them absent or anything like that,” said Pierce.

It was a non-issue at the high school as the drill began at 9:57 and everyone was back inside by 10:01. No students elected to stay outside, Pierce said.

At Booneville Junior High there were 15 students who chose to stay outside around the flag pole after the drill, covering a total of 17 minutes, Pierce said.