Construction of the new Logan County Jail in Paris is about two weeks behind schedule, according to Logan County Judge Ray Gack.

“It’s about two weeks behind,” Gack said last week. “But, once we get the updated plumbing plans, it won’t take long to get caught up.”

Gack said said the concrete pad for the new jail, which is under construction on South Lowder Street, has been poured and plumbing on the west end of the building has been completed. He also said that electrical lines have been run from poles to the building. The electrical line have been laid underground.

They’ll start on the plumbing to the western end of the building as soon as we get the updated plans,” Gack said last week. “The electrical work will have to wait on the plumbing because the electric will go on top of the plumbing.”

Gack also said last week that a main water line has been laid as well as a back up line.

“After they get the plumbing and the electrical work done, they’ll start laying the concrete flooring,” he said. “After that, you’ll begin seeing some of the exterior blocks come in.”

The jail is expected to cost about $10 million and will house 100 prisoners and office space for the County Sheriff’s Department and a courtroom. Work on the site began late last year and construction is expected to take around 18 months.

Construction began after the county issued $10 million in bonds last year. Bond payments are being paid from proceeds of a 1 percent sales tax which was overwhelmingly approved by voters last year. The jail is replacing a facility in Paris which was built in the 1980s which had been repeatedly cited by the state for being in violations of jail standards, being overcrowded and unsafe.