The Booneville Democrat has obtained a copy of the severance agreement between the Booneville School District and its former superintendent, John Parrish.

The agreement contains a confidentiality clause, specifically, “This agreement is a full settlement of disputed issues. The parties acknowledge that this document may be covered by the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. However, the parties agree to keep confidential this agreement, and the specific terms of it, to the extent allowed by law.”

In accordance with the agreement Parrish will use, in order, accrued vacation, accrued personal leave and accrued sick leave through June 30 to complete the current year of his contract. Parrish will be reimbursed at the district substitute teacher pay for any remaining sick leave days.

On July 1, Parrish will be paid, in a lump sum, six months of salary.

Approved for a three-year contract in January of 2017, Parrish would have had two years remaining on his contract at that point. His 2017-2018 contract was for a salary of $102,007.50.

Parrish also agreed to never again apply for a position with the school district or perform contract work on its behalf. He also agreed not to file suit against the district.

The eight-page agreement also stipulated neither Parrish nor the school district will professionally or individually make any disparaging statements, written or oral, about the other party.

The agreement is signed by both Parrish and Booneville School Board president Janie Woolley.

The agreement was singed almost a month after the board tabled discussion on Parrish’s contract during its regularly scheduled Jan. 9 meeting.

Parrish was in his 10th year as the superintendent, taking over in the summer of 2008, selected after his predecessor was terminated by the board.

With Parrish out, Federal Programs coordinator Scotty Pierce was promoted to interim superintendent and will be paid an additional $39,929.18 for assuming the additional responsibilities through June 30.