Information will be turned over to 15 Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney.

Booneville Police Chief Al Brown said earlier tonight a video circulating on Facebook that has sparked outrage near and far is under investigation by school resource office Norm Wilder.

Though serving as the SRO is his stated assignment, Wilder is employed by the Booneville Police Department in a agreement in which his salary is shared by the school district.

Wilder, Brown said, is in the process of interviewing all involved with the video and once that has been completed all information will be turned over 15th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Tom Tatum II, who will then decide what, if any, charges are filed.

The fight happened about two weeks ago off school property in a field on East Ivy Street, according to interim superintendent Scotty Pierce.

The Booneville School District released a comment stating, "In regards to the fighting video on Facebook: Both students are high school students here at Booneville. This did not happen on school grounds. Both parents of the minor students have been notified and it is being investigated by the proper authorities. Thank you to those that notified us. Feel free to share this info."

The Booneville Democrat’s Facebook page was forwarded a video earlier today depicting a largely one-sided fight between two, apparently, male adolescents while others, also apparently adolescents, filmed and watched the incident.

The video has been shared numerous times to numerous pages, including the Booneville Democrat, Booneville Police Department and other pages which support Booneville schools. It has been viewed thousands of times across multiple states.

While we at the Democrat understand the outrage caused by the video, we will not permit the use of obscenity or inflammatory statements about those in the video, school personnel, or any other individuals to be made regarding this, or any other matter, on our social media pages.

Consequently we have removed the video and all subsequent links to it, as well as comments deemed impressible. Repeat offenders are subject to being blocked from the page, as are those attaching the video or making comments on other threads unrelated to the video.