Fresh off better than a $640,000 collection in 2017, Booneville’s one percent sales taxes got off to a slightly better start in 2018than was the case in 2017.

The Department of Finance and Adminstration collected and the State Treasurer’s office remitted $54,533.77 to the city last week.

That is an increase of 2.1 percenct from the take in January of 2017 ($53,415.31) and, obviously, an identical increase of the year-to-date collections from 2017 to 2018. Collections for 2017 were up 2.6 percent from 2016.

January’s receipt is also an increse of 2.5 percent from December collections of $53,175.61.

The collection which is funds taken in by vendors in November and remitted to the DFA in December, topped the $50,000 mark for the ninth straight month — the 11th time in 13 months — and come in advance of, traditionally, the most successful month of the year for collections.

Booneville’s sales tax was renewed for a fifth five-year term in 2015 with the following funding formula.

• Street Department, 5 percent;

• Police Department, 22 percent;

• Fire Department, 10 percent;

• Area Agency/Senior Center, 10 percent;

• Airport, 7 percent;

• Parks, 5 percent;

• City Improvements, 30 percent;

• Animal Control, 5 percent;

• Cemetery, 2 percent; and

• BDC/Chamber, 4 percent.

A second one percent perpetual tax collected in the city is dedicated to the operation of Booneville Community Hospital and, less 25 percent reserved for building purposes, is turned over to Mercy Hospital.

Mercy assumed operation of the hospital on Jan. 1, 2014.