In a move that was first sought by former city councilman Larry Mitchell, the Booneville City Council last week approved job descriptions for all city employees other than police officers.

In 2009 Booneville Police Chief Al Brown presented the council with job descriptions for his department and the council approved them then.

Mitchell had suggested the city adopt formal descriptions in September of 2014 and asked for a status of the request three months later.

In addition to a role and responsibilities, each of the one-page descriptions, which are being given to the respective employees, spells out qualification and education requirements of the position.

Included is the adoption is a description for the deputy city clerk, which was created in December with the passage of a salary ordinance for 2018.

That position drew 26 candidates in an application period that ended on Jan. 19. The three-person committee of aldermen Brad Smith and Aaron Brewer and city clerk Gayleene West first met to review the applicants last Thursday.