MULBERRY — A man is confirmed dead in an officer-involved shooting in Mulberry, according to the Crawford County sheriff.

Crawford County Sheriff Ron Brown said a Mulberry police officer shot the man after the man "pulled a weapon" and didn't comply with the officer's orders. He said the officer called in the shooting at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday from an apartment complex at 100 Reynolds Street.

Brown said the man was pronounced dead on the scene. He said the shooting investigation has been turned over to the Crawford County prosecuting attorney and Sheriff's Office.

“We’re not going to release any names until the investigation is closed and we turn it over to the prosecutor," Brown said.

Brown said the officer involved in the shooting "appears to be OK" following the incident. He said he will be placed on administrative duties until further notice.

Brown said the officer initially responded to the SUNOCO gas station, less than a block away from the apartment complex at the southeast corner of West Sixth Street and Arkansas 917 South, in reference to a theft complaint. He said the officer traveled to the apartments, where a person of interest in the theft was suspected to be.

The Sheriff's Office has been told the suspect's brother and sister-in-law lived in the apartment complex, Brown said.

“He (the suspect) was in the adjacent apartment, but we were told that was an unoccupied apartment," he said.

Sheriff's deputies and investigators responded to the scene and blocked off Reynolds Street from public access shortly after the shooting was called in.

Angelia Davis, who lives next to SUNOCO station on Sixth Street, said she was unaware of the shooting even after hearing sirens on law enforcement vehicles.

"Normally, I hear them all the time because the main street is right there, and that’s the way the fire department comes," she said.  "I heard a bunch of sirens, and then a little bit later, I walk to the back of my house and noticed all the cops."

Brown said he expects the names and details on the officer and the suspect to be released to the public sometime next week.