Colder weather approaching may slow the Booneville Downtown Beautification progress, but the project has experienced great success this year.

“We have been very pleased with the amount of progress completed this year,” group spokesman Edgar Baker said last week. “Our downtown property owners have really bought into the idea and together we have gotten a great deal accomplished. Our group was very concerned about the appearance of downtown Booneville. Together as a group, we decided that if we didn’t get involved things were not going to get any better downtown.”

The Downtown Beautification Committee members are Dr. Thad Shirey, Shirley Young, Buddy Littlefield, Ron Ford, Jerald Baker and Edgar Baker.

The project began with two main ideas.

“We had two main goals in taking on this project,” said Baker. “First, to improve the appearance of downtown and second, we wanted to show the community that things don’t always have to stay the same. Progress and improvements can be made if people come together and work hard and invest the time and other resources into the improvement of our town. It will be up to the citizens who are committed to the progress of Booneville to fix our own problems.”

To date there have been 25 projects completed downtown. Property owners have completed 12 projects on their own. Those are:

• Rockin’ Robin’s, two building-new paint and awnings

• Reid’s BBQ, new paint and sign

• First Western Insurance, new paint and awnings

• Shears, repainted awning

• Gene Remy, new siding

• Patrick Edwards, four buildings with new paint

• First Baptist Church Massey Building, -new paint

• Littlefield property, new paint

Booneville Downtown Beautification Committee has also completed 13 projects. Those are:

• Savage Theater, new paint and sign restoration

• Pat Finney, new paint

• Wilson lot, mural, landscaping, fence, light and sidewalk

• Bennett building, new paint

• Fritche building, new paint

• Smee building, new paint

• Dupree building, new awning and new paint

• Booneville Flower Shop, new paint

• Old Penjamo’s building, new paint and wood siding repair

• Lion’s Den, brick repair and new paint

• Cupcake Cottage, new paint

• Massey-Harris lot, fence repair and new paint

• Chevy Building, siding repair and photo display

“The committee would like to thank all of the property owners who have completed projects on their own and those that partnered with the Beautification committee to complete projects, Baker said. “We would also like to thank everyone who has donated to help make these projects possible.

“When we started we envisioned this as a three-year project and we are getting close to the two year point. We plan to start back in the spring and repaint five or six properties, possibly add another two or three murals downtown and finish the project by the end of 2018.”

Once the group finishes the renovations of buildings downtown, they hope to move on to promoting events downtown and recruiting and attracting new business to downtown.