Editor is staying put in south Logan County.

The Booneville Democrat will be moving its office within the Times Record building in Fort Smith later this year.

The newspaper will vacate its current location at 72 West Second Street in Booneville to combine resources with its sister paper, the Times Record, at 3600 Wheeler Avenue in Fort Smith.

Booneville Democrat Publisher Kristyn Sims told the staff on Tuesday, and reinforced that the focus and goals of the paper would not change with a new physical location.

“We will continue to focus on the topics that drive life in the Booneville area,” Sims said. “School and sports, local government, volunteerism and service.”

Editor Glenn M. Parrish agreed.

“Booneville and Magazine will continue to be my base,” said Parrish. “You will continue to have access to me in person and be able to contact me by phone, email and social media. My focus has been South Logan County for almost 20 years and that is not going to change.”

The move is part of a larger effort to combine and develop the Community Newspaper division of the Times Record, all properties of Gatehouse Media.

“Our community focus will not change, and we will be equipping reporters and account executives to work in the field,” Crystal Costa, Senior Group Publisher, said. “We understand the need for our staff to be in Booneville each day. However, all of our newspapers have to be extremely efficient with resources. By combining under one roof we can better provide our Community Newspaper teams with additional administrative and sales training support that they don’t currently have on a daily basis.”

Other newspapers that will also move include the Greenwood Democrat and the Charleston Express.

“Our goal is to be stronger, more efficient and more innovative as a whole team, even as our internal groups — like the staff at the Booneville Democrat — have different areas on which to focus,” Costa said.

The physical move is slated to take place the last week of December. Readers and advertisers can still reach the Booneville Democrat staff by calling 479-675-4455 or emailing news@boonevilledemocrat.com. For your convenience there will be a locked dropbox located in the Booneville library to place payments, articles, photos, renewals, etc. The box will be checked on a regular basis.

Questions, Answers

Q: Why are you moving?

A: The decision to move did not come lightly and we considered a variety of issues and concerns before making that call. Our primary consideration was utilizing shared resources and improved training for our team. We want to be able to continue to provide coverage of the Booneville area, while helping local businesses connect with potential consumers. As our world is increasingly mobile and digital, our editor and writers can, now more than ever, do their core job functions “in the field,” without the need for a separate physical office. Additionally, our sales team already travels outside of the office, so a physical entity is not essential. The majority of their time will still be in Booneville. By combining other core operations with Fort Smith, we enjoy more sales, leadership and operations support and training. Instead of being isolated from our larger company, we can grow in a way that supports the community, our readers and our staff. There are some cost savings as well, but the primary reasons were based on developing a stronger, more collaborative team that could serve Booneville and the surrounding region.

Q:How can I reach you?

A: We will have our same phone number (479) 675-4455, our mailing address will stay the same at P.O. Box 208, Booneville, AR 72927 and you can email us at news@boonevilledemocrat.com.

Q: Where will you be located?

We will be located in the same building as our sister papers, Times Record, Booneville Democrat and Charleston Express, at 3600 Wheeler Ave., Fort Smith.

Q: How do I place my classified ads?

A: You can call, email or bring your ad by 3600 Wheeler Ave in Fort Smith. For payment you can use credit/debit over the phone, mail or drop your payment off at our dropbox at the library.

Q: Will you still have the same coverage?

A: Our main goal is and will always be the Booneville Community. Our Editor , Glenn Parrish, will be in the community just as much or even more as he has been doing for the last 20 years.

Q: Where can I get a paper?

A: We have several racks in the community. You can pick one up at Jam Mart, J & J Tobacco, CV’s, SnackMart, Big A’s, Littlefield Express, and we still have a rack outside our office.

Q: Where do I get a paper if I am missed by the carrier?

A: Just give us a call at 675-4455 and we will get another paper delivered to you or give you credit for the missed issue.

Q: What will change about the paper?

A: Absolutley nothing! There will be no change on how the paper is delivered or when. We will continue with coverage on school, sports, politics, obituaries, annivesaries, birthdays, etc.

Q: How do I get an article to you?

A: You can email them to news@boonevilledemocrat.com, mail to our P.O. Box 208, or you can drop them off at the library located at 419 North Kennedy Ave.