The Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority will not give a developer more time to build a road if its real estate review committee has anything to say about it, meaning the FCRA could potentially buy back 15 acres.

The FCRA real estate review committee decided unanimously Thursday to recommend to the full FCRA Board of Directors that it reject a three-year extension request from Chaffee Crossing Development Group to complete the work on 15 acres it owns at Arkansas 59 and Arkansas 22.

"I can't see us renewing another extension on the property," Secretary and Treasurer Don Keesee said.

This is the fifth extension request.

"We're long-term investors up here," Mike Tankersley of Chaffee Crossing Development Group said. "What we'd like to do is a development on that 15 acres that — because it's the entrance into Chaffee — something that is worthy of the property. We've priced it according to the traffic count."

The traffic count is about half of what it was estimated to be, he said.

"My opinion would be that the highest and best use of that property hasn't shown itself to us yet," Tankersley said.

Tankersley was not able to answer Vice Chairman Paul McCollum's question as to whether some of the property was listed on Zillow.

"I had two firms engaged to help me market that property," he said. "I don't know; one of them could have put something on Zillow I'm unaware of, and I'll certainly find out."

The group's preference has been not to sell any of the property, Tankersley said.

"What we've decided is to soften our position some and if somebody came — the right kind of tenant came — and if they wanted a lot on the property, we would entertain the conversation," he said. "Up until now, we wouldn't even entertain the conversation."

The FCRA's Board of Directors will make a final decision Thursday at its meeting.