A local man picked up for violating a no contact order wound up jailed for felonious threatening of a police officer and held on a $25,000 bond last week.

According to Booneville Police Chief Al Brown, Cory A. Snow, 29, could have been freed within an hour of his arrest for violating the no contact order at the Dollar Tree. The offense, Brown said, is a misdemeanor.

However, Snow, Brown said, proceeded to threaten the individual against whom the contact order was in place.

“He made comments that that person would pay for it,” said Brown.

After Snow was put into a patrol car Brown said, the threats escalated.

“He made statements that we’d better get the fire department ready because he was going to burn this town down, and he was going to go get his guns and there wouldn’t be any more police left,” said Brown.

Brown said Snow has previously been imprisoned for terroristic threatening.