LITTLE ROCK — Meaningful parent/teacher communication is essential to student success. To encourage ongoing communication throughout the school year, the Arkansas Department of Education and State Board of Education are excited to launch the 2017-2018 My Child/My Student public awareness campaign.

The campaign, in its fourth year, encourages positive, productive and ongoing communication between parents and teachers. The campaign provides questions, tips and resources that will help parents and teachers begin those discussions and build a strong partnership.

A college and career readiness topic and student safety topic have been identified for each month between August and May.

Each month a ready-to-print newsletter in English and Spanish is posted on the website, along with links to articles, websites, blogs, activities and more. Parents are encouraged to learn more about the topics and use the resources as home. Teachers are encouraged to share the newsletter and use the additional resources in their lesson planning and classroom activities.

To learn more about the My Child/My Student campaign, please visit the ADE website at The department welcomes feedback regarding the resources and how they are being used. Feedback can be sent to