Though not an agenda item when the Booneville City Council met last week, Booneville Mayor Jerry Wilkins indicated residents can expect a $2.50 per month increase in trash collection rates, likely in October.

Wilkins said Friday a new trash truck purchase by the city is making the increase to $15 per month a necessity.

“We’re going up $2.50 a month on trash but we’re furnishing the trash cans,” said Wilkins. “Most (cities) make you buy the trash cans.”

The new truck will come equipped to collect specific trash cans and dump them rather than workers tossing the bags and other items into the compactor.

The cans, Wilkins said, cost about $100 each and, he adds, the city has purchased 2,000 of them for the 1,300 residences with the extra for those who may need two.

“Between the $2.50 increase with the payment we were making on the other truck, we’re not losing anyone’s job,” Wilkins said.

The increase to $15 Wilkins said “is real inexpensive compared to most places.”

The special cans will also prevent the use of the tubs that Wilkins recently targeted.

“They’re gone,” he said. “They’ll have to use our trash cans or haul it themselves.”

The truck is expected to be delivered in November or December, Wilkins said.