Half way through the year, sales tax receips in Booneville have all but flatlined.

June receipts of $50,702.24 represented a decline of more than $4,200 from May. That’s 7.7 percent. The total marks the second straight month the tax took in more than $50,000 after it failed to reach that plateau in March and April.

Compared to last June, the collection is actually up slightly, less than $600, or 1.2 percent.

Year to date figures after June show the collection has mirrored those of 2016, up just 0.9 percent or $2,675.

The tax took in a little more than $624,000 last year, its best since the Cargill fire of 2008.

Booneville’s sales tax was renewed for a fifth five-year term in 2015 with the following funding formula.

• Street Department, 5 percent;

• Police Department, 22 percent;

• Fire Department, 10 percent;

• Area Agency/Senior Center;

• Airport, 7 percent;

• Parks, 5 percent;

• City Improvements, 30 percent;

• Animal Control, 5 percent;

• Cemetery, 2 percent; and

• BDC/Chamber, 4 percent.