The reaction to his pledge to remove the plastic and metal tubs being used as trash receptacles was about what he expected by Mayor Jerry Wilkins said last week he is tired of looking at “ugly” in Booneville.

Wilkins said he had his first complaint before 7:30 a.m. last Wednesday, the day the story about Wilkins’ promise to have the containers collected led the Booneville Democrat.

“I told (the resident) you can get rid of it or where do you want your ticket, on the door or on your window,” Wilkins said.

The resident, Wilkins said, told him he had paid $25 for the bin.

The complaints continued, the mayor said, but he remained steadfast the containers are in violation of the city ordinance governing trash collection.

The 1993 ordinance states a maximum of six bags, weighing no more than 50 pounds, should be placed by the curb, on a resident’s trash collection day of the week. The ordinance further states the bags are to be “securely tied, durable, leak and vector proof plastic or a heavy duty covered plastic container.”

Location placement has also become a problem, Wilkins said, because some residents have taken to placing their trash on the curb and leaving it there for almost an entire week before collection day.

“Then they gripe when the dogs get in it,” the mayor said.

When announcing the plan to remove the containers Wilkins said the problem is the trash bags have ruptured leaving the bin with loose trash that, in some cases has piled up to the halfway point of the container.

Keeping with his idea of ridding ugly, Wilkins has also instructed city employees to remove the flower bed at the flag pole in Veterans Park last week, in favor of a gravel and shrub display.