A snowstorm that left about two inches on the ground in South Logan County Friday morning wreaked havoc on schedules, but was of little consequence for emergency personnel.

Among the postponements was a plea and arraignment date for the Southern District of Logan County in Booneville.

Along with classes in Booneville and Magazine, which had returned for Christmas break for only one and two days, respectively, basketball games at both schools were also put on ice.

Booneville reset its games to today (Wednesday) and Magazine will make up its games on Saturday.

The Booneville postponement also put off homecoming festivities. In the end homecoming activities were shifted to last night (Jan. 10) against Waldron.

As far as weather-related accidents, the Booneville Police Department reported only one minor incident on Friday. A Logan County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher said there were reports of a couple of individuals who slid off roadways but there were no accidents in the county either.

Country roads began to clear by midday, though there were multiple slick spots on most throughout the weekend. Highways, including 109 and 10 were largely cleared by midday Friday.