With two months remaining, Booneville’s sales tax collections have already exceeded the levels for all of 2011 and 2012.

The $51,351.84 remitted to City Hall last week was almost $2,300 less than what was remitted in September, but it was $1,100 more than the tax took in for the same month a year ago.

It was the seventh consecutive month the tax has topped the $50,000 mark and with year to date collections of $522,823.28 the tax is ahead of last year’s pace by 7.6 percent, or more than $37,000. Last year the tax raked in $584,000 an increase of 10.2 percent over the 2014 collection.

At it’s current pace the tax would well exceed the $600,000 mark for the first time since taking a significant hit following the Easter Sunday fire of the Cargill plant here.

Because the taxes collected in October are taken in by businesses in August and remitted to the state in September, all funds generated were after approval of a sales tax to build and maintain a new jail in Logan County. That tax will not start being collected until Jan. 1.

Booneville’s sales tax was renewed for a fifth five-year term last year, but with an updated distribution formula, which took effect with the October 2015 collections. The tax is now distributed as follows.

• Street Department, 5 percent

• Police Department, 22 percent

• Fire Department, 10 percent

• Area Agency/Senior Center, 10 percent

• Airport, 7 percent

• Parks, 5 percent

• City Improvements, 30 percent

• Animal Control, 5 percent

• Cemetery, 2 percent

• BDC/Chamber, 4 percent

A second one percent tax collected in the city is dedicated to the operation of Booneville Community Hospital. Proceeds of that tax, which is perpetual, are turned over to Mercy Hospital, which assumed operation of the hospital on Jan. 1, 2014.