Tony Hamby has begun the creation of a three part mural on the side of a brick building on Broadway.

When finished, the mural, which faces Second Street will feature the Arkansas Flag, already in place, a drawing of the state of Arkansas with a star-burst representing the location of Booneville and, on the metal part of the building, an American Flag.

“They wanted to tie it in with the Welcome to Booneville signs,” Hamby said of the middle portion of the mural.

The US flag portion of the project, “Hambone” said, will be the easiest, so he started with the most difficult part.

There was a condition attached to Hamby creating the mural on the side of the building. The owner wanted any necessary repairs to be included in the project and, while he says he will make no claim to being a mason, Hamby has inserted several bricks missing from the wall.

That is okay, though, he said, because the mural was a long time in the discussion phase.

Hamby said he would like to thank the “BIDC beautification committee and the people of Booneville for having the opportunity to beautify the town. We’ve waited three years.”

The US flag is something Hamby has created before, on the side of the former Dacus Grocery in Magazine, his home town, earlier this year. He has also created multiple murals in Paris, Van Buren and Ozark.

Hamby said the project will take a few weeks to complete and he can only work in dry weather to keep paint, and or concrete, from running to other parts of the wall and ruining the mural.

The mural is part of a plan for which the Downtown Improvement Committee of the Booneville Industrial Development Corporation secured a $16,750 General Improvement Fund grant through the Western Arkansas Planning and Development District.

The grant is also expected to cover the cost of new park benches, planters and trees throughout the downtown area.