The Logan County Right to Life chapter held a memorial service Sunday afternoon in the Logan County Fairground Building in Paris, near the site of the 4,000 crosses the group placed in a field east of the airport recently.

Each of the 4,000 crosses is meant to represent a life lost to abortion every day. Barbara Durkee, who is the president of the Logan County Right to Life

"I can tell you that I didn’t go one place in the area that people didn’t go, ‘Are you the one who put the crosses up?’ It is unbelievable how the crosses have touched the people in our community’s life," said Durkee. "It’s a memorial and it’s a 3-D presentation.

"I can say 4,000 a day are killed by abortion in the United States every day but it doesn’t mean as much unless you see it in a 3-D setting and (equate) that cross with an unborn baby who was never given life."

The program included musical numbers from the Subiaco choir, the choir combined with the St. Joseph’s choir, and Anita Downs of Magazine; speeches from the originator of the cross project and State Rep. Jon Eubanks, who updated those in attendance about pro-life matters in the 89th General Assembly; and a happy birthday balloon release in honor of those never born.

Eubanks noted the bills passed, vetoed and subsequently overridden by legislators that will prohibit abortion at 20 and 12 weeks of pregnancy. Some of the most restrictive laws in the nation, a legal challenge was expected, Gov. Mike Beebe said when he vetoed the bills, and has materialized.

"One of my colleagues who is an attorney said we have a full time attorney who works for the state and his job is to defend the legislation and the legislature when things like this are passed," said Eubanks. "He doesn’t have anything else that he needs to be working on and this is important enough — you never know how a court is going to rule.

"That wasn’t a good enough reason not to do something because of what might happen."

Eubanks also advised the group to remain stead, firm and pursue the issue "in the most loving and forgiving manner you can. I think that is the most productive way to get results with this issue, and for that matter any issue."

Durkee updated the group of over 80 on activities which the group is undertaking, including a recent abortion debate held at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

The county Right to Life chapter is very active, Durkee said, with activities including helping to launch a Students For Life chapter at Subiaco Academy, created a human cross "life chain" along highways 22 and 109 in October, attended a March for Life, and supporting Camp Joshua.

Durkee said no determination has been made as to where the crosses, which span the width of a football field, will next be displayed, but she said she would like to see them in Johnson County, Sebastian County and or south Logan County.