Dr. Monty Atchley, a former resident of Booneville where he has operated a martial arts training facility as well as was a counselor at Booneville High School, has been bestowed the highest honor given in martial arts.

On Aug. 31, Grand Master Hanshi Lou Angel, the head of the National College of Martial Arts International and members of the board of examiners visited Atchley in Greenwood to bestow the honor of Grandmaster, 10th degree black belt upon Atchley.

Atchley has been affiliated with Great Grandmaster Angel for over 50 years.

Students, friends and family joined Atchely in celebration of a lifetime achievement in the martial arts.

"Martial arts have been a part of my life since childhood. I believe the lessons learned have guided me throughout my life and made me who I am," says Atchley. "The values of respect for self and others confidence, self discipline, motivation, positive self esteem and never quitting have been the guiding principles I learned at an early age in the study of martial arts.

"I thank Great Grandmaster Lou Angel for putting me on the path and for this great honor."