The final event for the March through May Logan County Fitness Challenge was held recently at the new park in Paris across from the Paris High School.

Paris Mayor Daniel Rogers was present to do the drawings for the prizes for the teams that completed the 30 city "virtual tour" of the State of Arkansas.

The "Moma Gang" team from the Magazine Schools won the $100 prize for completing the tour three times. The "Close to Losing it" team from the Magazine Schools won the $75 prize for completing the tour two times. The "Eagles" team from the Paris Schools won the $50 prize for completing the tour one time.

There were many remarkable accomplishments of individuals, some were awarded in March or April events.

For the final May awards:

A member of the "Happy Soles" team from Booneville Community Hospital worked out enough to get back the "six-pack ABS" they had lost, and was awarded $10.

A member of the "Weapons of Mass Reduction" team from the Booneville Human Development Center lost 11 pounds, and was awarded a First Western Bank lunch bag.

Two members of the "Walking Wonders" team were awarded $10 each for loosing enough inches their belt is two notches smaller and for continuing to exercise even after surgery.

The big winner was the person on the "In it to Win it" team from the Booneville Rural Health Clinic that lost a total of 97 pounds. The award was a First Western Bank lunch bag with two insulated drink bottles.

A member of the "Eagles" team invited Paris Mayor Daniel Rogers to join us in the Victory lap on the bicycle/walking trail around the new park and received shampoo from Jim’s and Jason’s barber shop.

No person completed the 30 location physical tour of Logan County, so the $100 award is still available to the first person that completes the tour and brings the photos of each location to Paula Beaty at the Logan County Health Department in Paris or Booneville.

The 30 locations on the tour are: the Ione Community Building, the Small Farms Research Center, the Nyberg Building at the Booneville Human Development Center, the TB Museum at BHDC, the Chisimville Log Cabin, the Old Booneville City Lake Overlook, the Gen. John Paul McConnell Exhibit at the Booneville Library, the Logan County Courthouse in Booneville, the Jack Creek Recreation Area, the Old 109 Bridge at Sugar Grove, the Blue Mountain Wildlife Demonstration Area, the Magazine water tower, the waterfall at the Lodge at Mount Magazine State Park, the Highpoint Monument on Mount Magazine, the Mount Magazine State Park Visitor’s Center, the Mount Magazine horsecamp, the Benefield Picnic Area on Mount Magazine, Cameron Bluff Overlook on Mount Magazine, the Hang glider launch point on Mount Magazine, Cove Lake, Paris City Lake, the Logan County Courthouse in Paris, the Logan County Museum in Paris, Subiaco Abby, the rock quarry at Midway, the bridge at Morrison’s Bluff, the Scranton Rockets school sign, Dublin, New Blaine and the Deleware Use Area.