On Oct. 14, 25 Logan County 4-Hers gathered at the Booneville Courthouse. They were celebrating the end of National 4-H week by providing a potluck for the members of the Quorum Court.

Judge Young also signed a proclamation declaring the week of Oct. 6-12, 2013 National 4-H Week in Logan County.

4-H is an organization for youth ages 5-19 who want to explore new things, make lots of friends, and learn about leadership. The four H’s represent the equal training of the Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. Every 4-H club is different just like every 4-Her is different.

In Logan County there are nine active clubs that meet at various times and locations during the month.

Some of the clubs have a very broad focus and engage in activities that vary from arts and crafts to cooking or sewing. Other clubs are more specialized. For example, one club is called the Logan County Long Shots and they specialize in shooting sports activities and competitions.

There is also a club called the Boots & Spurs who have activities centered on horse care and riding. The WHEP team (Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program) learn about wildlife and attend competitions where they test their knowledge against other 4-Hers from around the state. The Booneville Livestock Club primarily focuses on raising and training animals for competitions in the county, district, and state fairs.

Regardless of their focus, all of the clubs incorporate community service, leadership training, and fun hands-on activities into their monthly meetings. Below is a list of clubs in Logan County and their monthly meeting times.

• Magazine, 3:30 p.m., First Tuesday at Magazine HS Ag Building, Carrie Staton and Jessica Gray cstaton@mag.wsc.k12.ar.us, or jgray9505@gmail.com

• Lariats Driggs, 4 p.m. First Friday at Driggs Community Building, Becky Beeler and Walene Beeler americanfitjackets@yahoo.com or 479-847-6365

• Boots & Spurs, 6:30 p.m. Second Monday at Booneville HS Ag Building Alisha Green or Betty Kitchens, pocojoe@hotmail.com or 479-849-6404

• Booneville, 4 p.m., Second Tuesday at Marcel Phillips Park, Joe O’Bar or Kim O’Bar, 479-675-6344 or jobar@magtel.com

• Long Shots Various at various, Michael Hammonds or Clycia Hammonds, 479-969-2753 or hammondshrd@magtel.com

• Green Team, 2 p.m. Second Sunday at Evelyn Hatcher’s 4th grade classroom at Paris Elementary School, Evelyn Hatcher or Diane Johnson ehatcher@parisschools.org or 479-963-6343

• Subiaco, 6 p.m. Second Sunday at St. Benedict’s Parish Hall, Jennifer Schluterman, 479-934-4410

• Booneville Livestock, 6:30 p.m. Second Monday at Booneville HS Ag Building, Jim Tanner or Amanda Tanner, 479-675-6569 or 479-675-6898

• Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program, TBA, Diane Johnson 479-963-6343

Signing up for 4-H is free and easy via arkansas.4honline.com. Please contact Sarah Whitaker, Logan County Extension Agent – 4-H, at sewhitaker@uaex.edu or 479-675-2787 for more information or for assistance in signing up.

All meetings and activities mentioned are open to all youth between the ages of 5 and 19 without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability, or other legally protected status.