ARKids First covers immunizations for Arkansas children

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – In observance of the 25th annual National Infant Immunization Week, ARKids First, the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program reminds parents that immunizations are covered under ARKids A and ARKids B.

National Infant Immunization Week is held April 27, through May 4. ARKids First covers immunizations for children birth through 18 years of age and requires no co-payment.

ARKids First recommends that children birth through 6 years of age receive the following immunizations:

• hepatitis B

• pertussis

• haemophilus influenza type B

• rotavirus

• influenza

• measles, mumps, rubella

• diphtheria

• pneumococcal

• varicella

• tetanus

• polio

• hepatitis A

In addition to immunization coverage, ARKids First provides a comprehensive package of benefits to kids in Arkansas who might have been otherwise uninsured. The program covers well-child checkups for children in order to stay current on immunizations and other significant health screenings.

“Some families forget ARKids covers immunizations, and keeping shots up-to-date is critical to make sure your children grow up safe, healthy and active. We hope all children across the state receive scheduled immunizations,” said Marci Manley, deputy chief of communications, at Arkansas Department of Human Services. “Vaccinating your child is something you do for their lifetime safety.”

Immunizations prevent children and parents from contracting more than 10 vaccinepreventable illnesses like influenza, measles, mumps and more. Parents and guardians can request a shot record or ask their child’s doctor what immunizations are needed to keep their child current. Shot records can also be requested by contacting the Arkansas Department of Health at 1-800-275-1131 (TDD: 1-800-285-1131) or visiting your Arkansas Department of Health local unit.

If your child has ARKids First health coverage, you can find a primary care physician or pediatrician for your child by calling the ConnectCare help line at 1-800-275-1131 (TDD: 1-800285-1131). Visit a local DHS office in your county to learn more about ARKids First or to check your child’s eligibility for the program.