Between the time you went to sleep last night and the time you go to sleep tonight 12 children in Arkansas will be placed in foster care.

In Logan County alone there are 81 children in foster care and only eight foster homes; this means that it is likely the children are placed outside of the county, possibly going to the other side of the state. Right now there over 600 children waiting to be adopted. There is a crisis in Arkansas.

The CALL (Children of Arkansas Loved for a Lifetime) is working to change that. The CALL is a faith based organization that works with Department of Children and Family Services to recruit, train and support foster and adoptive homes within local churches. The CALL in Arkansas is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The CALL has 39 active affiliates in the state.

The CALL in Logan County was established in 2016 and in that time they have recruited two families that have opened their homes for adoption. The CALL provides frequent opportunities for families to attend informational meetings. The next meeting is Aug. 21 at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Paris at 6 p.m. Susan Martin and Amanda Farris became the county coordinators in May. They both have a heart for the children and families involved in the foster care system. Along with the CALL they will work until there are no waiting children in Arkansas.

For more information, call 479-414-0272 or 479-206-2212. The website is They also have a Facebook page, The CALL in Logan and Scott Counties.