Giving Tuesday was last week but if you feel like you have more to give, or would like to give to a local cause, Mary Garman of Magazine may have just the idea for you.

“If you are looking to give this Christmas I have found a cause worth fighting for,” said Garman. “Michael Robertson, Class of 75 from Magazine, was hurt in an oilfield accident years ago when he was in his early 20’s. He lost an arm and a leg in the incident. Fast forward 30 years and Mike was diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer that attacked with a vengeance.

“Mike has been in and out of the hospital in Saint Louis. At one point, they sent him home to be with his family through the last days.”

Instead, Robertson had other ideas Garman says so he has continued to fight and “his will to live is strong (and) he has overcome many obstacles in his life and needs a Christmas miracle.”

Robertson, Garman said, now needs a bone marrow transplant and, she adds, his private insurance will not cover the procedure. Nor will Medicaid.

“They have found a donor that matches, his sister Donna Plemmons from Magazine, (but) his funds are depleted, and his hope is now in us,” said Garman.

Consequently Garman has started a campaign called “Mistletoe Magic for Mike” through the month of December and she is calling on friends and family to help do something.

“Some can do a little, some can do a lot,” said Garman.

Garman is selling “Mistletoe Magic” to raise funds for the cause. Mistletoe Magic can be many things.

“I can bake, clean windows, cars, homes, babysit, sit with the cat, whatever you need or you can give out of the kindness of your heart. I also have pecans for sale. The list is endless,” she said.

Plans for December have the potential to include:

* A pie auction

* Bake sale at the Christmas Parade, Dec. 10 in Magazine

* Community Christmas tree

* Online Bakeoff Contest

* Other than Ice Bucket Challenge

* Dacus Store Challenge

Donations can be mailed to Mistletoe Magic c/o Mary Garman at 101 East Grove, Magazine, AR 72943. You can also call Garman at 518-1394 for more information about any of the events.

“As always I thank you and may God Bless you as you have blessed others,” said Garman.