Here are a few of the things going on in, or a short distance from South Logan County in the coming days.

Mountain Events

On June 16, from 8:30 to 9 p.m. a bat watch will be held at the Benefield Picnic Area on Mount Magazine.

Bats are a vital part of our ecosystem, and are found in Mount Magazine State Park. Observe bats as they fly in the night and learn about why they are so important to all of us.

Immediately afterward, from 9 to 9:30 there will be a firefly calling program at the same locations.

In the heat of summer, a very special insect is lighting up the night. Lightning bugs, or fireflies, are noticeable all evening long. Come observe and learn to communicate with these evening park dwellers.

Admission to both events is free.

Night Court Reenactment Trial

The Fort Smith National Historic Site, located at 301 Parker Avenue in Fort Smith will hold a reenactment of a the J. Warren Reed trial this weekend.

The reenactment will start at 7 p.m., Friday, June 15, and 6 p.m. Saturday the 16th. Tickets are $7 each and can be purchased through the park’s friends group, the Friends of the Fort. You can reach them at for information.

Many attorneys came to Fort Smith to work in the Federal Court during the late 19th century. Criminals were brought in almost daily from the Indian Territory and any lawyer worth his salt had the chance to make a decent living representing the accused standing before Judge Isaac C. Parker. However, there were times when lawyers outnumbered the criminals and slim pickings brought out bad behavior as attorneys competed for cases.

Known to be brashest, boldest and rudest of these lawyers, J. Warren Reed had a knack for making himself unwelcome among his peers. While his legal skills were mighty, his disdain for Judge Parker was well known and his treatment of fellow attorneys was less than respectful.

When an argument on the courthouse steps crossed the line into unacceptable behavior, respected lawyer T. S. Osborne called foul. Determined to not only quell Reed’s annoying bravado, Osborne attempted to take the man’s law license by bringing suit against him and charging unprofessional conduct in the federal court.

Due to the language used in this trial, it has been given a PG13 rating. Parents are cautioned about bringing their children.

Funny Man

The Choctaw Casino, located at 3400 Choctaw Rd, Pocola, Okla., welcomes Bill Engvall for 6 and 9 p.m. shows on Friday, June 15.

Tickets are $30 and are available at for the 6 p.m. show, or for the 9 p.m. show

An Evening Of Classics

On A Summer’s Night: An Evening of Classic Rock will be 7 p.m., Saturday, June 16, at the Center for the Arts located at Russellville High School, 2203 South Knoxville Avenue. The event is a concert fundraiser benefiting Arkansas Center for Music Education.

Led by musical director Dr. Brian Faulkner and artistic director Larry Roberts, of RedBea Productions, some of Arkansas’s best musicians come together in support of community music education.

The show will be performed as a live radio show with DJ Rich Mann (Richard Minnick) taking guests through the music of such acts as the Doobie Brothers, Chicago, Journey, the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, REO Speedwagon, Heart, STYX, Kansas, BTO, the Eagles, Boston, and a host of other artists from the 60s to the 80s.