An investigator with the Logan County Sheriff’s Department said Thursday the suspect in the Wednesday shooting death of a Scranton woman told him "I just snapped."

The suspect, Josh Johnson, 38, of New Blaine, is in the Logan County Detention Center awaiting charges. Authorities believe Johnson went to the home of his ex-wife, 30-year-old Lora Karras, Wednesday afternoon and killed her with a 12-gauge shotgun. He surrendered without incident to a Deputy Sheriff at the scene, according to Chief Deputy Sheriff David Spicer. The home is located on Rodeo Arena Road.

Investigator Ray Gack also said he believed alcohol played a role in the incident.

"Alcohol was a factor," Gack said. "He’d been drinking. I feel like it played a part. He’s made statements that he’d been drinking and there was evidence found at his home to support that."

Gack said Johnson has been "very cooperative" since his arrest.

Deputies were called to the residence at 4:09 p.m. Wednesday. The 911 call reporting a shooting was made by Karras’ 15-year-old daughter, Spicer said. Karras’ other two children, an 11-year-old and a nine-year old, were also at home. Gack said the children were inside the residence at the time of the shooting.

"I talked to the 15-year-old and she told me she saw dad pull up in a pick up truck, get out with a shotgun and shots were fired," Gack said.

Gack said the children are with relatives.

Karras’ body was found inside a garage. Investigators recovered a 12-gauge shotgun, several shells and three spent rounds of ammunition, Gack and Spicer said. Gack said there were two rounds in the gun when it was checked by officers. A red Dodge pickup truck belonging to Johnson was also taken from the scene. Johnson’s residence was searched Wednesday night, Spicer said.

Gack said Karras was hit in her upper torso. Her body was taken to the Arkansas Crime Lab Thursday morning for an autopsy.

Gack said Johnson has told him he was in the military but inactive. Gack added that "I believe he’s been on two or three tours to Iraq and Afghanistan."

Gack did not know in which branch of the military Johnson served.