Evidence of a name change approved by the Booneville City Council almost two years ago, is about to be visible, Booneville Mayor Jerry Wilkins said last week.

In July of 2012 aldermen voted to rename the Booneville Baseball/Softball Complex as the Billy Kiersey Baseball/Softball Complex and there was talk of who to employ to paint the sign at the park entrance. Kiersey passed away in April of 2012.

Since that vote — on a motion from Stanley Bryant and second by Kiersey’s coworker at the Booneville school system Steve Brown, in Brown’s final act on the council — nothing had happened until last week when city employees removed the sign near Highway 10 and used equipment to remove leftover paint in preparation for the apparently soon to be painted sign.

Last week Wilkins was still uncertain exactly who would be undertaking the painting, but was certain it would be soon. The naming itself, Wilkins said, was quite appropriate, though nothing which Kiersey would likely have been keen upon.

"Billy Kiersey is a big reason of why we have that baseball and softball park here," said Wilkins. "It was a sense of pride to him."

Street department superintendent Donnie Hardin, who worked alongside Kiersey on the project agreed.

"He wouldn’t want it (named for him)," said Hardin. "Me and Billy started that in ‘93. We’d work out there 16 hours a day, seven days a week. And Billy volunteered all his time."

"It wasn’t just a job to Billy Kiersey, he loved it," said Wilkins.

"He did the same thing when we played over at Marcelle (Phillips City Park)," Hardin added. "He took care of that park."