Gary Topham, the Logan County Detention Center inmate who escaped on Monday, Feb. 24, was taken into custody around 12:15 p.m. Sunday at a family member’s residence in Del City, Okla., according to Logan County authorities.

Logan County Chief Deputy and Jail Administrator David Spicer said the Logan County Sheriff’s Department got a tip Sunday morning that Topham could be in the Oklahoma City area with a family member. Spicer said investigators then located the name and address of a family member in Del City, Okla. by looking through jail records and information provided by the Arkansas Department of Correction.

The Del City Police Department was contacted and given information and a photo of Topham. Later, the Del City Police Department contacted Logan County authorities and told them Topham had been taken into custody.

Spicer said Topham will be transported to the Johnson County Detention Center in Clarksville to await transportation to the Arkansas Department of Correction. Spicer said Topham will be placed in the Johnson County facility to avoid possible allegations of mistreatment by Logan County deputies or jailers.

The Monday, Feb. 24 escape was the second time Topham has escaped from the Logan County jail in recent months. His previous escape was in November.

Spicer said he believes Topham escaped while in the jail’s exercise yard between 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 24 but the escape wasn’t reported to jailers until 4 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 25, around 13 hours later.

Spicer said an inmate sharing a cell with Topham provided help in Topham’s escape and in keeping the escape unnoticed.

"We have determined another inmate in his cell helped him make a hole in the fence," Spicer said.

Topham is believed to have climbed a metal wall surrounding the exercise area and cut through a chain link fence surrounding the wall.

"Thereafter, he did everything he could to maintain the appearance that Topham was in his cell," Spicer said. "The day he escaped was also the day that inmates were allowed to order supplies from the commissary. The inmate filled out a form and signed Topham’s name, giving the impression that Topham was still in his cell. The inmate, in his own words, told us he was setting things up to make it look like Topham was still here."

Spicer said a report on the inmate’s activities has been sent to the 15th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney who will determine whether charges will be filed.

Topham escaped on Nov. 4 by climbing a chain link fence topped with razor wire surrounding the jail’s exercise area. He was captured in Booneville on Nov. 7 and returned to the jail. Topham was originally jailed on Nov. 1 following an appearance in 15th Judicial District Circuit Court in Booneville. He was charged with failure to appear, fleeing, manufacture of meth or cocaine and possession of a controlled substance.