Two Logan County Detention Center jailers were suspended for five days without pay Monday by Sheriff Steve Smith because they did not follow jail policy when a prisoner escaped on Feb. 24.

Logan County Deputy Sheriff and Jail Administrator David Spicer refused to name the suspended jailers.

Spicer said jailers failed to conduct hourly head counts and failed to make sure the exercise yard was secure before and after prisoners used it. Spicer said the failure to follow policy contributed to a prisoner’s escape not being noticed for 13 hours.

Inmate Gary Topham is believed to have escaped from the exercise yard sometime between 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 24. His escape wasn’t reported until 4 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 25. Topham was captured Sunday around 12:15 p.m. in Del City, Okla., at a family member’s residence.

The jailers were on duty when Topham escaped.

In addition to being suspended, the two jailers are being placed on six months probation.

"Every time a prisoner is escorted to the exercise yard, a jailer is required to inspect the fence first," Spicer said. "When the prisoners are escorted back inside, the fence is supposed to be inspected again.

"We believe a hole in the exercise fence would have been discovered and we would have known of his escape earlier," Spicer said. "We have found nothing to indicate that employees knowingly or purposefully assisted in the prisoner’s escape."