The Jeral Hampton Meeting Place in Booneville will be the site of a second meeting aimed at updating Logan County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Set for today (Wednesday), the meeting will begin at 10 a.m. and last until noon.

The focus of this meeting will be a new website, GIS mapping, identifying and evaluating hazards, as well as other important issues such as communication and sheltering-in-place.

"By working together, we can develop a safer environment for the citizens of Logan County. I encourage you to participate in this activity to help ensure the area’s eligibility for federal mitigation grants, which can fund projects such as safe rooms and drainage projects," said Tracee McKenna of the Western Arkansas Planning and Development District, who is overseeing creation of the plan.

With the passage of the Disaster Mitigation Act in the year 2000, it become a federal requirement that any community that wishes to apply for a federal mitigation grant must participate in the development of a Hazard Mitigation Plan, either individually or as part of a multi-jurisdictional plan.

The original Logan County Hazard Mitigation Plan was approved and adopted in 2006 and expired in 2011. All of the cities, towns, and school districts within Logan County were members of the original plan.

Logan County has received a federal grant through the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management to update the Logan County Hazard Mitigation Plan. CSA Ocean Sciences, Inc. has been contracted to prepare the updated plan and is working with Western Arkansas Planning and Development District to execute the planning process.

In May, Logan County along with CSA Ocean Sciences, Inc. and WAPDD, conducted an initial meeting to begin preparing the updated plan. Since then, CSA has been collecting data and it is now time for our 2nd meeting in order to gather additional information and input from organizations and citizens within Logan County.