A new walking bridge over the creek at Marcelle Phillips City Park was opened laset Wednesday.

Constructed by the Booneville Water Department as time would permit, the bridge opened with almost no fanfare but is sure to be a hit with park users.

For almost four years anyone wanting to get from one side of the park to the other was forced to drive, or, essentially, wade the creek.

Late in October of 2009 debris pushed by high water dislodged a column beneath the foot bridge and caused the bridge to collapse.

Since then multiple efforts to replace the bridge had gone for naught until two presented themselves recently. Buddy Littlefield had located a bridge in Little Rock that could be used but constructing a new one became the choice when Walter Toney donated the steel that became the support beams for the bridge.

The beams were put in place about three weeks ago and the treated lumber flooring and railing was finished last week.

Water Deparment personnel responsible for the work includes Larry Maness, John Schlinker, Darren Yarborough, John Olsen and department superintendent David Hardin.

In the end the project cost the city less than $1,500, according to Mayor Jerry Wilkins. That’s considerably less than the $25,000 or more it was projected to cost.