After an unusually high number of no shows on March 22, circuit court proceedings in the Southern District of Logan County saw an unusually high number of fugitive docket appearances Friday, one of which was for a 2004 case.

Of course three were in custody and had no choice in the matter.

A defendant makes their way onto the fugitive docket by failing to appear on a scheduled court date, sometimes repeatedly and an arrest warrant is issued.

In the case of George T. Nordin, 39, he has been appearing on dockets as a fugitive for about nine years.

Together, there were six appearances by individuals listed as fugitives and there could have been a seventh were it not for another leaving during a break. There was also a Northern District defendant who had missed a court date in Paris on March 25.

Nordin, who was arrested while officers with the Magazine and Booneville police departments and Logan County Sheriff’s Office were searching for suspects in a home invasion case, appeared in court in a Logan County Detention Center issued striped jumpsuit and flip-flops and was wearing both handcuffs and leg chains.

"I’ve been calling your name for a while, Circuit Judge Jerry Don Ramey said noting the age of the case — there are actually four older cases, three originating in 2002 and another in 2003.

"And other judges before you," public defender John Irwin, who would be appointed to represent Nordin, added.

"It appears it’s been on here so long I can’t tell at what point it entered the fugitive docket," Ramey said.

Irwin was already reflected as the defense attorney but both he and 15th Judicial District Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Brian Mueller said they would have to consult old files to re-learn the status of the case. Irwin added any file he may have is likely in storage.

Once appointed to represent Nordin, or re-appointed, Irwin waived a formal reading of the charges of manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance, a third offense of possession of counterfeit subscriptions without a prescription and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Ramey set a pre-trial date of July 19 and a jury trial date of July 31 for Nordin.

Nordin is being held in the Logan County Detention Center in lieu of a $500,000 bond.

Other appearances were made by defendants who were deemed fugutives in 2012 and 2013.

Among those was Anthony Dean Reno, 29, who had bonded out of jail the day before and told the court he would be beginning a new job in Odessa, Texas on Monday. He was ordered to be back in court on May 3.

Another was Jana Whitehead, who Ramey scolded because she had gotten out of jail after bond was reduced then failed to appear. The judge said if she were to bond out of jail and fail to appear again, the bond would be higher.

In other matters Friday Irwin was also appointed to represent the three suspects arrested in the alleged home invasion in Magazine — Gary V. McCubbin, Jr., 33, Jessica Ritchie, 33, and Thomas Self, 34. Irwin entered not guilty pleas for all three.