When Ricky May lobbied for a policy change to allow seventh grade and freshmen track athletes to move up after their respective seasons were completed, he said the move would benefit the girls program more than the boys.

Or at least it would this year.

The first test of his theory was last Monday when seventh grade track athletes were entered in the junior high district track meet — freshmen were entered in the senior high district meet on Thursday. The theory was sound.

May, who coaches both seventh grade boys and girls, as well as junior high boys teams, got points from only one seventh grade boy in the junior high meet, but junior girls coach Lesia Deeds benefited to the tune of 28 points from seventh grade girls.

Eight of those points came from Lexi Ross, who was second in the 110-meter hurdles.

The highest other finish by a seventh grade girl was by Hailey Carter, who along with Ross, was in a four-way tie for third. Carter was fourth and Ross was sixth as a result of the tiebreaker, but Booneville scored a combined 18 points in the event as the maximum four athletes placed.

Those points helped the Jr. Lady Bearcats secure a third place team finish.

Booneville girls placements in the meet were:

3200-meter relay: (Maria Newman, Riley Taylor, Jessie Woods and Sabrina Ramey), 1st, 11:45;

100-meter hurdles: Ross, 2nd, 18.18; Paige Joyce 6th, 18.6

100-meter dash: Ross, 6th, 13.76

1600-meter run: Newman, 4th, 6:21; R. Taylor, 6th, 6:31;

400-meter relay: (Daisy Lear, Ramey, Elly Baker, Joyce) 4th, 56.7;

400-meter dash: Mikenna Kerr, 4th, 1:09; Camry Roberson, 8th, 1:12;

300-meter hurdles: Paige Barr, 6th, 58.0; Adrianna Mott, 8th, 59.0;

200-meter dash: Joyce, 8th, 29.7;

1600-meter relay: (Barr, Kerr, Roberson, Ramey), 3rd 4:49;

Pole vault: Alex Taylor, 4th 6’; Megan Taylor 6th, 6’;

High jump: Kerr, 3rd, 4’ 8"; Carter, 4th, 4’ 8"; Roberson 5th, 4’ 8"; Ross 6th, 4’ 8";

Shot put: Allie Vaught 4th, 31’ 5"; Parker, 6th, 30’ 7";

Discus: Vaught 1st, 88’ 5"; Brianna Smith 4th 77’; Sabreena Alfaro 5th, 72’ 5";

Triple jump: Joyce 4th, 28’ 5 1/2"; Newman 8th, 26’ 8 1/2.


High jump: Lee Wagoner 5th, 5’2"; Andre Maloy 6th, 5’;

Shot put: Ethan O’Bar 6th, 43’1/2";

Discus: O’Bar 1st, 124’7"; Jeff Dobbs 5th, 118’2";

Pole vault: Dalton Herrera 4th, 9’;

3200 relay: (Justin Brittian, Tripp Williams, Jonathon Settle, Romiro Flores) 6th, 10:32;

110-meter hurdles: Trevor Jones 6th, 19.57; Wagoner 7th, 19.76; Noah Gregory 8th, 19.84;

1600: Herrera 5th, 5:24;

400-meter relay: (Sam Cooney, CaDraper, Greogory, Thomas Grisham) 6th, 50.84;

300-meter hurdles: Maloy 5th, 49.09;

1600 relay: (Brittian, Michael Nichols, Max Phonlasouk, Travis Taylor) 6th, 4:28.