It’s not exactly on a plane of your parents or grandparents knowing exactly where you were when you heard the news about President John F. Kennedy being shot. Or even you or your parents knowing exactly where you were when you learned about 9-11 and the World Trade Center.

But it is unlikely I will be able to forget where I was when I learned Booneville had dropped in classification to 3A.

No, not because it was something for which I had long sought to hear — I actually didn’t think it would happen — but mainly because of where I was.

I was, at that moment, in Waldron. Yes, that Waldron.

Specifically, I was at their new baseball/softball complex next to the football field that debuted a couple years ago.

I admit it, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the new gridiron place, other than that it was a massive step up from the old digs, but the baseball/softball addition is a nothing short of a thing of beauty

I actually found myself a little jealous of them for having their two fields that close together — even though fouls from the baseball field can easily reach the softball field — complete with field access only dugouts and press boxes.

The baseball field is a little on the smallish side but it is still one of the nicest in the conference. Yes, I want one here.

Of course if we had one, unless it is a nonconference game, Waldron wouldn’t be able to play on it after next year, at least for the immediate future of 2014-2016 because, as you may have already read in today’s issue, Booneville is dropping to Class 3A during the next cycle.

That story detailed who is in the 3A conference currently closest to Booneville — Atkins, Cedarville, Charleston, Danville, Lamar, Lavaca, Mansfield and Paris. Of course adding the Bearcats means somebody has to vacate.

There are any number of ways that could be accomplished. Cedarville could go north, but that would mean somebody in the 3A-1 needs to move. One way might be for Danville to slide south to Fountain Lake’s place in the 3A-5 because the Cobras will be 4A. Another could move Atkins to the 3A-2 to fill the hole created by Riverview moving to 4A.

My bet is Danville leaves for the Hot Springs grouping that includes Jessieville, Glen Rose, Bismark and so forth. That’s my guess mainly because Two Rivers (read Ola) is already in that group.

Nonetheless, for giggles and grins I looked up what happened the last time Booneville played each of the current 3A-4 members in football. (You knew I would, right).

Atkins: A quarterfinal playoff game in 1998 between two undefeated teams. Booneville won 44-13. Booneville leads the series 12-7.

Cedarville: The Pirates found themselves in a conference with Booneville in 1996 and 1997. Booneville won both, which are the only two meetings between the schools. It was 41-16 in 1997.

Charleston: If you ask the Tigers they count scrimmages. The last four quarter game was also in 1997 when Booneville won 43-19. The all time series is 45-10 in Booneville’s favor.

Danville: You have to go all the way back to 1980 when Danville won 13-6. The Little Johns declined the game the next year and Booneville had a nine game schedule. Booneville leads the series 27-11-4.

Lamar: It was a 48-13 game at Lamar in 1999, the end of back-to-back cycles in which Lamar was in Booneville’s conference. Booneville has won all four meetings.

Lavaca: The most recent of the bunch, Booneville beat the Golden Arrows 41-0 in 2009. The Arrows played a two nonconference game set in 2008 and 2009 as well as two other times when assigned to Booneville’s conference. Booneville has won all four meetings.

Mansfield: In 2005 the Bearcats beat Mansfield 48-0 to start the Tigers final run in a conference including Booneville. That was the 75th meeting between the schools and Booneville leads 56-16-3.

Paris: Ah yes, the traditional rival. The last meeting was also 2005 when Booneville won 56-14. That was the 85th meeting between the schools, still the most of any opponent, and was the eighth win in a row for Booneville. Booneville leads the series 44-35-6.

Expect conference assignments in the fall.